A weekend in Sin City – Las Vegas, Nevada

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: Easter Break 2018

Stayed: Treasure Island Resort

Cost of weekend: $1000 +

Tips: Wear flat shoes, Take loads of money and Bring Multivitamins

I’d always wanted to visit Las Vegas although I’m not a gambler, I am partial to some all American consumerism and I figured heck, Las Vegas is the home of this. We booked a long weekend and had driven into Las Vegas having started an epic road trip through Washington, Oregon & California the week before.

First stop in LV was the North Premium Outlet, a mecca for all things rose gold made by Michael Kors with a bucket load of Guess Handbags (Hurl) thrown in. It’s a sprawling mall on the North end of the strip and it is worth a visit if you’re into grabbing some bargains. Never being one to look a shopping horse in the mouth, I embraced it and purchased some worthy bargains.

We had booked Treasure Island and after a mildly confusing one way strip traffic system we pulled up in the valet area of the hotel with the hotel staff wildly flaying arms shouting ‘Y’all need to move your car’ whoops, we flung the suitcases and shopping bags from the car like some sort of Vegas style Supermarket Sweep challenge.

Treasure Island is huuugggggggggeeeeeeee and it appeared the world and his wife has decided to stay for the weekend too, the check in line was enormous. There was an express check in line that was empty and a cost of $20, well having a touch of the Mariah Carey’s about us there was no way we were waiting in line so we headed there.

I’d read a trick online about check in for Vegas Hotels whereby while checking in you hold a $20 dollar bill visible in your hand and ask the receptionist if there are any available upgrades (eyelash fluttering is optional) So in for a penny with my slightly exaggerated British accent, ‘Excuse me Governor, Any chance of an upgrade? With a slight side eye to the notes ($20 per room) in my hand we only went and bloody did it. Upgraded to strip view rooms with a bottle of complimentary Champagne.

I’m not, by any means, a gambler (I think I’ve mentioned that already) and I had never been to a casino so obviously for the first casino experience it had to be Vegas. To get to the rooms you have to walk through the casino floor, well hell the cigarette smoke, the noise and people (seriously the people), WOW.

Views from the room were great, the room was spacious and on the 25th floor. We had a huge bathroom and a sizeable tub.

Treasure Island Room View

Heading straight out we met at Breeze Bar downstairs in Treasure Island for some drinks to start our weekend of crazy.

Out on the strip you are met with a cacophony of noise and people. Men trying to give you girls, girls, girls flyers and the most weird and wonderful array of human life jostling along with varying sizes of plastic kegs, rubber ducks or cowboy boot on lanyards filled with cocktails.

First stop was the Bellagio Fountains for some watery show time action. I realise that there is nothing more boring than peoples holiday videos so I am subjecting you to a brief 15 seconds of Fountains, just so you can get the gist without logging off and never returning to my site.

Next stop was inside the Bellagio and it’s seriously impressive. We stopped off for a very tasty slice of pizza in this place and then took a long meandering walk through the casino. We also had a round of very expensive drinks in Hyde.

Sensible shoes in LV are my top recommendation. Everything is on a monumental scale and even to cross the road you sometimes have to walk several blocks down one side of the strip to go up an escalator and walk back the other side. Heading back we decided on dinner at Treasure Island in the Vietnamese place in the hotel. Being the place it is you will see Flip Flop vending machines all over the place if you do forget the flats.

Deciding to head back to TI we grabbed a Lyft to go have dinner at the Vietnamese place in the hotel. We ended up eating here several times over the weekend, mainly I adore Pho and also trying to balance out the alcohol with broth and vegetables. Really tasty Pho, so if you are in TI go pay them a visit.

The next morning some of our group had booked a helicopter tour and being someone who isn’t a fan of small flying things three of us choose to go shopping instead, YAY. A shortish walk away from TI is the Fashion Mall, my favourite LV place (I know I’m shallow) but holy heck this place is amazing. Every shop you can imagine in one place and then a whole other level. If you like shopping, this needs to be your first stop in LV.

Outside the Fashion Mall there (conveniently) is a great Mexican cantina which I recommended to you to reward yourself with a frozen Margarita.

Frozen Margaritas in LV

With our friends safely back on land we headed out to wander the strip and visit more of the casinos. Next stop was the Venetian which is just bonkers. It hosts more and more shopping and food venues with gondola’s, canals and stripy topped gondoliers.

We moved onto Caesar’s Palace next where you can ‘SHOP LIKE THE ROMANS DID’ (that blasts out at you every few seconds from the animated big screen outside the entrance). Another mindboggling man made creation with an inconceivable number of shops and casino as far as the eye can see.

We decided to continue on and went to Harrah’s before ending our night at the Flamingo. I liked the Flamingo, it was buzzing. The tables had many animated gamblers around them and it was fun watching the people placing big bets and at times the whoops of excitement when they won.

Taking our tired legs back to TI with a Lyft we finished the night off with another Pho before taking ourselves to bed ready for the Easter Sunday Funday of our lives.

Easter Sunday had arrived and the only thing that we could celebrate was by was heading to Drag Brunch at Senior Frogs with all you can drink Mimosas, I mean that’s a good thing right at 11am?

While the seven of who went, danced what was left of our feet off. It’s a great show and if you happen to chance it when you are in LV do go. Make sure you take stacks of dollar bills and go and have yourself a fabulous time.

Ensuring it was a Sunday Funday never to forget, we then partied on in an off strip bar called Garage where we made friends, danced and drank many drinks. We ended up clubbing in Piranha, a club in LV with real life Piranhas in tanks all around the dancefloor. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

Monday was our final day in Las Vegas before flying out early the next morning onto Texas. So we spent a lazy morning back in the Fashion Mall and grabbed my favourite fast food in the US, In Out Burger.

That night we headed to Freemont Street, the original strip as some of our friends were doing Slot Zilla, the zip wire over the street. Freemont has a very different atmosphere from the strip and while it was packed there were some very interesting variants of human life wandering around. Our friends who did the zip wire had a blast and it comes highly recommended so I hear.

We visited the Golden Nugget as our final LV Casino on this trip, I loved the this place. It had an older feel about it and I parted with a whole $20 on a poker machine as my final goodbye to my minimal gambling (I lost, Ha!)

Our time in Vegas had drawn to a close and we headed back to the hotel as we were on a mega early flight to Texas the next morning. As our final treat to the end of our trip our Lyft home was driven by Jesus, not the actual one but when you get a notification saying Jesus is arriving in two minutes on your phone after a weekend of sin then one does wonder.

Jesus Drives a Lyft

In summary I now know why they call it Sin City, Las Vegas is truly a city of excess. It’s bonkers, crazy, huge, money obsessed and full of quite literally the most unique demographic I have ever encountered. Would I go back? I think so at some point if only to spend a full weekend in the Fashion Mall.

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